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Wheeler in the Morning

Wheeler in The Morning - March 6th 2018

Originally Aired: March 6, 2018

Wheeler in The Morning – March 6th 2018

As Winnipeg digs itself out of the major snowfall from Sunday night, the gang fields some calls from the loaders who do the dirty work. Should Kobe Bryant be celebrated for his Oscar win? Or shunned because of his rape allegations 15 years ago? The gang discusses. Another name called in Get The Hell Outta Here: Foo Fighters in Seattle with WITM, and it's Rena Vs. Turnbull Vs. KB for tickets to the 92.1 CITI Meltdown tour in April! Please take 30 seconds and rate/review the show and help us out in the App store! Last Words: "...gratification Rena, that's what it's called."