Woman buys Chris Hadfield’s space suit at a Toronto thrift shop

A flight suit once worn by astronaut Chris Hadfield is apparently now the property of a Toronto doctor who found it in — of all places — a local thrift store.   “I thought, wow, what is a flight suit like that doing up there?” Dr. Julielynn Wong told CBC News, recalling how she stumbled upon the bright blue jumpsuit in one of the many second-hand stores on Queen Street West.   She says she bought it for $40, marked down from $80.    Wong is Facebook friends with Hadfield, so she sent a picture of the suit she had bought and they exchanged messages.   “He started asking questions. He said, ‘Well, does it have a puncture marks in the badge?'”   It did. And other details also matched up. Hadfield said it was, indeed, his old suit.   “That’s a mystery to me as to how it got there,” he wrote.