Day 2 of Garage Bands with Vince N’ Rosie featured the 1986 recording of Don’t Cry.  The song wouldn’t appear on a Guns N’ Roses album until 1991’s Use Your Illusion 1.


This spring Rock 106 and Cap- It Lethbridge are transforming your garage into the biggest, baddest one on the block!

Listen at 7:40am with Vince N’ Rosie and 2:40pm with Ian Sharek to play Rock 106’s garage games for your chance to qualify.

This week of garage games is Garage Bands. We play a clip of a demo version of a Rock 106 artist. First person to identify the band is in to win our mega prize package.

Rock Rewards Club members can also qualify by entering the raffle here.

The Ultimate Garage package includes a: