A lot of people seem to excited overall at the new iPhone 7 announcement (didn’t the 6+ just come out) but I think it’s time we all stop, take a breath and realize, enough is enough.

I get it… new features are cool. A new jet black phone (trust me no one will notice) might be alluring… but these wireless ear buds? WHO WAS ASKING FOR THESE? I have heard people ask for a waterproof phone (RIP 3x cellphones I’ve drowned) and the biggest cry has been for a bigger, better battery. No one was asking for ear buds that look like half tampons hanging out of your ears that are worth a cool $160usd to replace. I guarantee one of those will be lost in a day… and we all know what the one bluetooth ear piece guy looks like.

It’s time that these cellphone companies *ahem* apple starts delivering on what people are actually asking for. IF someone can make Kraft Dinner with no preservatives, it’s possible to get a cellphone battery that lasts for longer than it took you to read this blog.

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