I don’t get too many chances to see a movie, but I find that going to a theater is still one of life’s classic enjoyments.

Naturally I do a little research before going to a movie, because I want to enjoy the experience, and make sure it will be ‘worth it’

On Friday, I did no such research. I saw Pete’s Dragon was in and thought, I remember that from a kid, and if it’s anywhere near as good as the Jungle Book remake was, then sign me up. Oh, it’s in 3d? even better. I haven’t watched a good 3d movie since Avatar, but Pete’s Dragon will be different.


You’d think they would have at least 1… AT LEAST 1 solid scene with a fire breathing dragon breathing fire… maybe that fire would even turn to the audience and look like it’s popping the rest of your popcorn. Nope. not one. Just a panned out view.

The theme here is 3d movies suck. Bad movies suck, yes, but that extra 3 dollars spent on the glasses that promised so much enhancement stings all the more when 3d adds absolutely nothing.

What, if any, 3d movies have you actually enjoyed?