Hi. We are Cliff and Rosie, morning show hosts here at 1067.7 ROCK. This week is going to be very busy, so we apologize if we don’t get to everything you would expect us to. We have priorities, and they are:

1. Hot Tub Time Warp– we are giving away an awesome Arctic Spa hot tub. Rosie dropped our bluetooth speaker in the hot tub, and we will need you to identify the song that’s playing. Will let you know exactly when we play, if you win, you’re into the draw for the tub, easy.

2. We have Nickelback tickets (and it’s been proven you want to go to this because it WILL be a rad time) We will explain this morning on the show EXACTLY how you can win this week, but will say now you’ll have to ‘match’ answers from Rosie and I.

Of course we will be on the evacuations, hurricanes, whatever Trump does, the NFL, Lethbridges Hurricanes and other stuff, so don’t miss a second.

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