Would you be excited to meet the Prime Minister? At one time in our culture, that was a very prestigious and great honour…now I can’t say I would really be all that excited to meet the Prime Minister, or the President for that matter. One time I saw Stephen Harper outside of a hotel I was staying at in Toronto, and for a brief second I wasn’t sure who I was looking at, when I figured it out, security was too tight for me to say hello… that was a neat feeling that lasted a few minutes.

I saw that Crosby and the Penguins WILL be taking the Cup to the White House but I believe the NBA champions will NOT be going… at one point all teams just went and always smiled at the President.

Would you be at all excited to meet Mr. Trudeau or Mr. Trump? I see pictures of Trudeau meeting people all the time and they all seem pretty awe-struck.

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