A story from eight years ago has re-surfaced with Star Wars: The Last Jedi approaching.

Ed Solomon, the screenwriter best known for Men in Black and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure had a friend, whose young son was terminally ill. The boy was a huge fan of Mark Hamill and the Star Wars movies, and watched them every single day. Solomon reached out to Mark Hamill’s agent to see if he’d be willing to meet with the boy.

“I had never met Mark, but I called his agent and asked if this could happen,” says Solomon, “Mark’s agent said, ‘Please don’t say anything to the boy because I don’t want to get his hopes up.’ And then, literally less than two minutes later, Mark calls and said, ‘I would love to. How about tomorrow?’ I started bawling.”

The next day the family met up with Mark Hamill.

Because of his state of mind, John could not differentiate between Hamill the person and Luke Skywalker the character. The boy’s short-term memory was at times fleeting. The actor handled it like a pro, Solomon and Sikorra remember.

“Mark spoke to John simply and directly and with utter dignity,” Solomon says. “John would ask the same question three times in a row, and Mark would answer the same way every single time.”

The family could not stress how wonderful Hamill was to their son.


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