I went shopping for some people without a plan yesterday… that’s never a good thing. I had some rough ideas, but just kinda went with it, and forced myself to stop when my mastercard was literally getting hot. You know it’s not responsible when you’re doing rough math on the way home and you’re shocked.

Here’s a scenario you don’t want to find yourself in. You’re on the way out, wading through the hundreds of people and you see someone with the perfect gift… except you already got that someone a gift, and it’s an ok gift, but not as good as the one you’re looking at. So you go and buy that gift.

Do you now give them both gifts? It might be a lot for one person… do you give the other gift to someone else, to spread the gifts out? It might not be a problem you’re in, but I’m sure you have some of your own… we’d love to hear them. Let us know this morning 403 331 1067.

Also, if you can, make a list before you leave the house, it will really help.

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