A listener kindly tipped us off to this a couple days ago:

“Hey just want you guys to give everyone a heads up to keep their homes locked over the holiday, even better all the time. I had someone checking my doors this morning in the riverstone area and other houses. I drove around and followed the tracks in the fresh snow and their checking random houses not one after the other. I don’t want peoples stuff to get stolen over the holidays”

Hopefully nothing was stolen.

When was the last time you had something physically stolen? What was it? Aside from my credit card info, the last thing I had stolen was a pair of shoes from my truck… that did suck, and was such a weird feeling seeing all my stuff disheveled.

Let’s talk about those things, and those pesky thieves this morning… 403 331 1067.

Too cold for criminal activity today. High -19, but windchill -39.

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