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Roots of Rock: A Rock and Roll History Podcast

Roots Of Rock Jam Session - June 2018 Edition

Originally Aired: June 22, 2018

The Roots of Rock Jam Session for June 2018. On this show, Poncho Parker will kick things off by bringing us up to date with all things happening in the world of rock and roll today. Then, as a great supplement to the last Roots of Rock podcast, which featured and in-depth look at the Guess Who, Howard Mandshein (92.1 City in Winnipeg) provided us with a very cool interview that he did with Burton Cummings back in 2008 (oh, how things have changed since then!). The interview offers some amazing insight into the history of the Guess Who and Burton Cummings as well as some great stories who from someone  has lived a lifetime of rock and roll. We also are very excited to bring to a song by the band Little Man called BLVD. Lead singer and songwriter Chris Perricelli lends us his insight about song lyrics inspiration and the roots of his very own rock and roll. Check it out!!

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