It’s December 27th, and here are just a few reasons why this day matters in Rock History:

In 1969, the top three albums on the Billboard 200 were Led Zeppelin’s IIThe Beatles’ Abbey Road and The Rolling Stones’ Let It Bleed.


In 1975, Queen had their first-ever number one album when A Night at the Opera topped the chart in the UK.


In 2008, thieves broke into a house belonging to Allman Brothers Band singer and keyboardist GreggAllman in Georgia and stole a coin collection, knives and unreleased concert recordings. Two men were charged with the burglary two days later.



In 1985, Metallica completed work on their third studio album, Master of Puppets.


And in 1999, Bush appeared on TRL to premiere the video for their hit song “Letting the Cables Sleep.”


And that’s what happened today in rock history!!!

Photo Cred: Getty Images