Finnish Marketing Agency Tovari teamed up with Joensuu City Cultural Services and the Joensuu Conservatory in order to bring together two of the most popular things in the northern European country. Heavy metal is really big in Finland, with over 50 heavy metal bands per 100,000 Finnish citizens (more than anywhere else in the world), and knitting not less so, as hundreds of thousands of people out of a population of around 5.5 million are practising some kind of needlework crafts. After brainstorming for the best way to combine the two, the creative minds behind this initiative came up with the World Heavy Metal Knitting Championship.

Contestants will knit to the rhythm of heavy metal songs – comparable to air guitar in this competition.

Knitting enthusiasts wanting to take part in the world’s first Heavy Metal Knitting Championship have to download the song “Fight or Die” by Joensuu heavy metal band Maniac Abductor and upload a one-minute clip of themselves knitting to it to YouTube. This guarantees them a spot in the event’s semifinal, and while it’s not clear how applicants make it to the live final, on 11 July 2019, I guess organizers will select the best acts.

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