Amazon is now selling a dog onesie called the “Shed Defender” which will help your dog from shedding too much fur!

The aptly named Shed Defender helps contain the majority of your dog’s fur, meaning you can protect you home or car from any shedding until it’s time to give your pooch a brush! Not only that, but the Shed Defender’s snug fit and gentle pressure helps reduce your dog’s anxiety, helping them to feel calm and relaxed.

And if your dog has recently had surgery or medical treatment, the Shed Defender is a perfect replacement for a medical cone, as it covers hot spots, post-surgery scars – preventing your doggo from scratching or biting anything that needs time to heal. The product description also claims to help alleviate some allergies and skin conditions.

In addition, the adorable onesie can also help protect your pooch from ticks, cold weather, dirt, and prevents your dog’s fur from freezing in the snow.

Available on Amazon for £45.08 ($56.57).

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