The band has released details on their new album called ‘A War On Everything’ which will be released September 13th! Here’s a message that Brett left for fans along side the track listing;

100 MPH.
Off the road and into the studio.
This is what it sounds like for us.
A friend in another band keeps telling us to “take care of ourselves”.
I’m not sure we’re all that healthy.
But we’re having the time of our lives.
For however long that is, I don’t know.
That’s what makes this so much fun.
The illusion of freedom is enough.
These are some stories I’ve heard.
Some I’ve lived.
Some we’ve all lived.
I’m not sure how else to describe this album.
Rock and Roll in 2019. September 13th.

A War On Everything
1. Panic Attack
2. A War On Everything
3. Spirit To Break
4. Closer To The Sky
5. Wild Eyes
6. A Funny Thing Happened
7. The Laws Of Love And War
8. One More Summer
9. The Ongoing Speculation Into The Death Of Rock And Roll
10. Kick Them Wicked Things
11. I’m On Your Side
12. Kingdom In My Heart
13. Lean On Me Love
14. Pink Motel

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